River City Radio Controlled Modelers....
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Welcome, On behalf of the R.C.R.C.M. I would like to thank you for your visit. enjoy
This web site is a Non-Informational Toy. I am the president of our club, and i am just expanding our horizons a wee tad little bit. I've seen other clubs web sites and figured hey why can't we have one too. So this is my attempt at expanding the minds and broadening the knowledge of those who dare to look with in. And yes im really bored.....

So, what r we all about. Hmmm.... "just a bunch of big kids with really expensive toys." I think not. we are a few dozen guys who are really interested in the sport of R/C flying. Some old and some young. But we all just wanna have FUN!!!!!

We Are An A.M.A. Sanctioned Club.
Calender: For the months of 04/02 & 05/02
Howdy Ho there club members. Well to thoe who made the fly-in, Thanks. and those who did not. At least you stayed dry, He He. A wet ass is what we all got. But fun we all did have. anyway, See ya at the next meeting. Have fun and safe flying. The Prez.. Matt Marcou

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Any Questions feel free to e-mail me

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Club Info.......
We Are located on gilles coulee Rd. In beautiful West Salem Wisconsin. We as a club consist of 43 Members and umpteen million planes. Our Club meetings are held every second tuesday of the month At the field in the good weather months and at Valley View Ford in West Salem in the colder months. The meeting usually start at 7:30 p.m.Central time And will usually keep you occupied for at least a couple of hours... Our membership dues are 10 dollars a year and if you fly you must be a member of the A.M.A. (Academy of Model Aeronautics.)

Have fun and safe flying....